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Ms Sacharissa Cripslock
07 December 2020 @ 07:38 pm
Miss Sacharissa Cripslock enjoys receiving letters.
Ms Sacharissa Cripslock
06 July 2008 @ 12:24 am
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“Alright this scene from The Truth by Terry Procter which if you've never read any of the ___ books. This is a great place to start not cronologically speaking but in turns if you know thinking and theories easily and a highly recommended and I'm not at all biased. This scene on page 32 is one of the parts of the book which really ___ so here we go. What did you expect said said Saclarissa(?) as if she was reading her thoughts, did you think people would be marching in the street, Reminia(?) isn't a very nice man from what I hear, people thought he deserved to be locked up. Are you saying people aren't interested in the truth. Listen what's true to a lot of people is they need the money for the rent at the end of the week. With Mr Ronan ___ lives under a bridge. How about the blind piece of paper crammed abstract”

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Ms Sacharissa Cripslock
30 December 2007 @ 12:58 am

Sacharissa found the snow enthralling. When it fell at home, it was grey by morning and brown by afternoon, if not sooner, and more like walking in a puddle of mud which covered the city than in the crisp, soft stuff beneath her now. This appealed to her more, and she smiled, looking around, as she made her walk to the compound.

She had her notebook with her, as she entered the compound and walked down the hall to work, and was consulting her notes when she spotted the door to the psych office. Biting her lip to hold back a nervous smile, she knocked on the doorframe, leaning in to look at Annie. "Hello," she said. "Hard at work?"

[Backdated to mid-December.]

Ms Sacharissa Cripslock
14 October 2007 @ 02:01 am

Deep down beneath the quiet reserve and the sweet smile, Sacharissa was thrilled. True, it was terrible that people were having hallucinations (and she really didn't see the need for a post office on an island roughly ten miles square), but this was news. They were good stories, both of them, worth the writing. She missed the rush a daily paper brought with it, but there was no doubting that something interesting managed to turn up in time for every edition here.

Armed with two freshly sharpened pencils and a notebook, she made her way down the hall toward the offices. Vimes would be less than keen to see her, but that was nothing new. Talking to Annie, she reasoned, would be more productive, although she would still want to find some of the people in question. As for Sam Tyler, he was still an unknown quantity. She could only hope that, given his own history with that sort of thing, he would provide an interesting angle to the story - even if that wasn't something she was technically supposed to know about. Sacharissa had never much bothered about what she was and wasn't supposed to know.

[You don't have to find her. She'll find you. Locked to interviewees, set to Sunday afternoon.]

Ms Sacharissa Cripslock
15 September 2007 @ 05:01 pm
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Ms Sacharissa Cripslock

Sacharissa wanted to go home.

The weekend had been a whirlwind of events. Of news. Even with the snake baby and the armies and a variety of other less than pleasing elements, the fact remained it had been busy and it had been home. Sacharissa couldn't bear to let down Jane, but the truth was, she would have stayed in Ankh-Morpork in a heartbeat.

It had been a long time since she'd discovered the truth about her future there. She'd missed it long before that, of course, but envy had only made the sting the sharper; an opportunity to see home again had revived that sting. She had been so happy there once. It had been a long time ago until this weekend; she'd started to learn to live without it.

A few days had passed since their waking. She'd recovered from the lack of proper nutrition and the dehydration, she'd had the pleasure of meeting Miss Bennet, she'd settled back into her old schedule. It didn't make being back any easier.

She was at her desk in the office now, the rest of the staff having gone home and a book on the desk before her. But the poetry Wesley had given her on her birthday was swimming before her eyes now and she couldn't seem to make anything make sense.

Ms Sacharissa Cripslock
05 January 2007 @ 08:55 pm

1.) Sacharissa is tougher than she looks. Actually, that's the whole point. She's sweet and gentle and kind and polite, yes. But that doesn't mean she can't hold her own. Sacharissa is clever, bright, and talented in her field, and she raised herself in part as her grandfather grew older. While she's concerned with being Respectable, propriety does not keep her from speaking her mind. Part of the sweetness-and-light routine is just that, an act; it's a method of survival.

2.) She's generally uninterested in romance and unaware of her own beauty. A lot of young men liked to tell her things, news or otherwise. For years, they've told her how lovely she is, but she was aware that they wanted things from her that didn't have much to do with how smart she is. Once she was hired to work for the Times, she used it to her advantage, but she's been so continually flattered that she really doesn't think about it one way or another now. Beauty's become a tool for her. Because men have always been there, trying to win her, she stopped really noticing or caring.

3.) She is in love - twice-over. She fell in love with William after a few months on the Times. It didn't hurt that he recognized her intellect, her ability, before he recognized her beauty -- most people never got that far. Falling for Maladicta was purely an accident, and it happened in reverse; but in the end, Maladicta still sees Sacharissa for what she is, something Sacharissa deeply appreciates. Having feelings for another woman didn't throw her off for long; it's caring this deeply about two people at the same time that confuses her.

4.) She is resigned, not defeated. If she knew that people pity her for wanting two people she can't have, she would be bewildered. She knows full well she could make the relationship between William and Maladicta a hell of a lot more complicated if she wanted, but she never would. She loves them too much to want to hurt them; if she can't have either one, she's just happy that they're happy. She'd rather that than that they all be hurt. Right now, she's content with her job and her friends, and she hates being pitied.

5.) She loves her job. Sacharissa is a city girl; she thrives on the rush and the fast pace of life in Ankh-Morpork. The island is a little too slow for her tastes. Working on the paper is the one thing she has from home that's what it always was, even if the pace is a little slower and her articles are back to being largely social reporting.