Ms Sacharissa Cripslock (headline_maker) wrote,
Ms Sacharissa Cripslock

Is your armor thin again? Do I want to wear it down?

Sacharissa wanted to go home.

The weekend had been a whirlwind of events. Of news. Even with the snake baby and the armies and a variety of other less than pleasing elements, the fact remained it had been busy and it had been home. Sacharissa couldn't bear to let down Jane, but the truth was, she would have stayed in Ankh-Morpork in a heartbeat.

It had been a long time since she'd discovered the truth about her future there. She'd missed it long before that, of course, but envy had only made the sting the sharper; an opportunity to see home again had revived that sting. She had been so happy there once. It had been a long time ago until this weekend; she'd started to learn to live without it.

A few days had passed since their waking. She'd recovered from the lack of proper nutrition and the dehydration, she'd had the pleasure of meeting Miss Bennet, she'd settled back into her old schedule. It didn't make being back any easier.

She was at her desk in the office now, the rest of the staff having gone home and a book on the desk before her. But the poetry Wesley had given her on her birthday was swimming before her eyes now and she couldn't seem to make anything make sense.

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