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“Alright this scene from The Truth by Terry Procter which if you've never read any of the ___ books. This is a great place to start not cronologically speaking but in turns if you know thinking and theories easily and a highly recommended and I'm not at all biased. This scene on page 32 is one of the parts of the book which really ___ so here we go. What did you expect said said Saclarissa(?) as if she was reading her thoughts, did you think people would be marching in the street, Reminia(?) isn't a very nice man from what I hear, people thought he deserved to be locked up. Are you saying people aren't interested in the truth. Listen what's true to a lot of people is they need the money for the rent at the end of the week. With Mr Ronan ___ lives under a bridge. How about the blind piece of paper crammed abstract”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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