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I'm Not Your Dear

it just has to be true until tomorrow

Ms Sacharissa Cripslock

Sacharissa Cripslock is a young blonde woman of 23, modestly dressed, and pretty enough if you consider her over several centuries. She radiates innocence and sweetness, which should be enough to make you worry just a little, particularly as she's perpetually armed with pencil, paper, and an ability to think in headlines.

- 1 dress skirt, dark blue with a very faint pattern of black flowers
- 1 dress jacket, in the same shade of blue and pattern as the skirt
- 1 shirtwaist, white, long sleeved
- 1 chemise, white, approximately knee-length
- 1 petticoat, cream-colored, ankle-length
- underwear, upon which topic she would not care to elaborate
- 1 pair stockings
- 1 pair russet leather, heeled boots
- 1 hair net
- 1 silver locket
- 1 "small and quietly fashionable hat"
- 12 hair pins

- 1 large shoulder bag containing:
   - 1 pair white gloves
   - 1 length of violet colored ribbon
   - 3 large composition notebooks, one of which is about two-thirds filled
   - 3 sharpened pencils
   - 1 pen, half-empty of ink
   - 1 small, drawstring coin purse, containing 8 dollars and 11 pence AM
   - 1 pocket edition of Twurp's Peerage

Since her arrival:
   - 1 green plaid skirt, handmade
   - 1 spring-gonne
   - 1 copy of the works of Shakespeare and a number of highly suspect romances, hidden in her hut
   - 1 computer printer, located in the Times office

Sacharissa arrives on the island sometime after the events described in The Truth. She's aware of what occurred in Monstrous Regiment, having come up with most of the headlines herself. She has not, however, made it as far as Going Postal, largely because there's no concrete canon answer to the question "Just who did she marry anyway?" A lot of young men liked to tell her things.1

1 Although game canon holds to the highly likely theory that it was William de Worde.

I claim neither Sacharissa Cripslock nor Romola Garai. The former belongs to Mr Terry Pratchett, and the latter to herself. I simply play Sacharissa for a lovely little RP . . . If by little, you mean rather big.